Veterinary fees for a cat

The health of your cat is your priority and it is legitimate. Your cat is present at every moment of your life, comforts you, brings you his love and affection. As a cat owner, you need to protect them as well as possible.

Although the cat is an independent animal, it is important to take the time to take care of it. Hugs, attentions, meals, protection, when you love, you don’t count … or almost!

Have you calculated the financial burden on your feline?┬áIf so, here’s a solution that might interest you: a cat mutual.

Focus on a mutual health insurance for cats

  • Routine care is mandatory for your cat
  • A mutual health insurance for cats frees your mind
  • year-round care for your cat’s good health
  • Reimbursement for veterinary care can be 100%
  • Preventive care protects your pet

What is a common care for a cat?

Common feline care is professional care performed by a veterinarian during a consultation, emergency, surgery, or accident.

These are medical acts that you cannot provide alone to your animal, for its well-being. Example of common care for a cat:

  • an operation (castration or sterilization)
  • a mandatory operation for his survival
  • care after an accident
  • stop bleeding
  • treat after a fall that causes trauma
  • purge the stomach after poisoning
  • administration of prescription drugs
  • etc.

The list is still very long. Moreover, the teachers can complete it thanks to their personal experience.

When you need to make an appointment with your veterinarian for your cat, this is called routine care .

The bill can grow quickly, especially if a major intervention is necessary for the survival of your animal, followed by hospitalization.

In this case, it may be worth having insurance for your cat.

Generally count between 700 and 3000 euros (see more depending on the veterinary clinics, and the pathology of your feline) for a hospitalization including routine care (antibiotics, monitoring, intervention, etc.).

Preventive care for a cat

Preventive care is care given to your cat to help it build up natural defenses against certain diseases. Some preventative care can even help your cat fight aging.

Some felines, as they age, need regular monitoring by a veterinarian, due to weaknesses or depending on the cat breeds. Preventive care is indicated to relieve pain (in the joints for example), and to protect it for the future.

Have you protected your animal?

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Animal insurance in figures

– + 72% for veterinary expenses in 10 years

– 211 euros in veterinary fees per year for a dog and 166 euros for a cat

– 7% of dog owners have taken out insurance against 3% for cats

– the average monthly budget for insuring a dog is 30 euros and 21 euros for a cat

Practical guide to animal insurance

The manifestations of aging in a cat are much less visible than in dogs. The cat, by nature, will try to maintain its agility for reasons of survival.

His instinct tells him not to show anything. This does not prevent them from being affected by kidney failure, diabetes, hyperthyroidism or even tumors.

The veterinary care in the event of a problem related to the end of the cat’s life consists in facilitating its existence. To do this, it is recommended to carry out regular monitoring:

  • health check or checkup
  • vaccination
  • descaling
  • vermifuge
  • pest control
  • etc.

This type of cost is variable, but can range from a simple consultation (33 to 60 euros) to a complex consultation (from 60 to 200 euros). In this case, cat insurance is a way to support your cat without worrying about the financial aspect.

Why opt for a mutual health insurance for cats?

Cat health insurance is additional protection for your pet. Of course, a cat insurance is a way to secure your mind. Financial details are eliminated since you are guaranteed (depending on the formula chosen) to meet the expenses for your favorite animal.

Occasional or compulsory care for cats can be partially or fully covered.

Several parameters are taken into account such as the age of your animal, the results of health checks or even the genetic background if this is known to you.

Insurance contracts are offered for the reimbursement of current expenses (and preventive according to the formulas) related to the care of your domestic animal, and in particular of your cat.

Intervention, surgery or any other veterinary act can be expensive, sometimes to the point of having to make an irrevocable and tragic decision.