The difference between routine care and preventive care?

The health of animals is of utmost importance to their owners. A dog is a loyal and loving animal that accompanies you.

A mutual health insurance for dogs is a guarantee of being able to treat them and take them to a veterinarian in the event of an accident, surgery or a simple consultation.

Before embarking on a mutual comparison, do the math. How much do you spend on your pet per year and then you will see the benefits of health insurance for your companion.

Dog care and mutual health insurance

  • Routine care is mandatory for your pet
  • A dog health mutual is an interesting guarantee
  • preventive care helps keep your pet in good health
  • Reimbursement for veterinary care can be 100%
  • Preventive care protects your dog

What is a routine care for a dog?

Common canine care is care your veterinarian will perform during a consultation, emergency, surgery, or accident.

We are talking about veterinary care; medical procedures that you cannot perform alone for the good of your animal. This may be :

  • an operation
  • an accident
  • bleeding
  • a fall resulting in trauma
  • an intoxication
  • sterilization
  • drug administration
  • etc.

The list is longer than the few examples given above, and teachers can supplement it with their personal experience.

Whenever you need to visit your veterinarian for treatment, we are talking about routine care.

The bill can go up very quickly, especially if a major intervention is necessary for the survival of your dog, followed by hospitalization.

Generally count from 700 to 3000 euros (see more depending on the veterinary clinics, and the pathology of your animal) for hospitalization and routine care (antibiotics, monitoring, intervention, etc.).

Preventive care for a dog

Preventive care is care that can be administered to your animal to help it prevent certain diseases, but also certain effects of aging.

Some animals, as they age, need more care than others, due to weakness or depending on the breed of dog. Preventive care makes it possible to relieve certain pains, to protect them or to offer an effective solution to the unforeseen.

Have you protected your animal?

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Animal insurance in figures

– + 72% for veterinary expenses in 10 years

– 211 euros in veterinary fees per year for a dog and 166 euros for a cat

– 7% of dog owners have taken out insurance against 3% for cats

– the average monthly budget for insuring a dog is 30 euros and 21 euros for a cat

Practical guide to animal insurance

For example, we know that dogs’ teeth pose a problem at the end of their life. But by performing scaling once a year and using bones to chew regularly, you preserve its teeth and you delay surgery to remove excessively damaged teeth.

  • a check-up or check-up
  • a vaccine
  • descaling
  • a dewormer
  • a pest control
  • drug renewal
  • purchase of therapeutic feeding products
  • etc.

The costs are variable, but can range from a simple consultation (33 to 60 euros) to a complex consultation (from 60 to 200 euros).

Why choose a mutual health insurance for your dog?

Dog health insurance is a great way to protect your pet and ensure you have the option of meeting your veterinary expenses.

Insurance contracts are designed to reimburse you for current expenses (and preventive according to the formulas) related to the care of your pet. A canine intervention can be very expensive and can even lead you to tragic decisions due to lack of means.

By opting for a mutual health insurance for animals, you know that you will be able to meet these expenses, because they will be reimbursed to you. Your four-legged companion is a member of your family, who can be protected in the same way.