Ford Ranger is the car “most American” 2020 Group, an online car trading platform and the leading digital solution provider for the automotive industry, has just released the AMI (American-Made Index®) rankings of Domestic models in 2020.

As an independent, annual ranking for the past 15 years, AMI assesses the impact of new models on the US economy, through various criteria such as location of production, origin of components. parts, and US worker count. And the title of “America’s most stylish car” in 2020 belongs to the Ford Ranger pickup line , with 70% of components from the US and Canada, especially engines and transmissions originating largely in the United States.

“2020 marks the 15th year of the” American Quality “Ranking List, and it is also the first year that we carry out a comprehensive and comprehensive ranking, including all models produced Made and sold in the domestic market. After the review, 91/350 models available on the market have fully met our indicators, ”said Mr. Kelsey Mays, Editor of’s Consumer and Car Reviews section. . “While the automotive industry enjoys a very high level of globalization, these 91 models have provided employment opportunities in the United States, while promoting investments for the local community; Since then, it has partially resolved current concerns of the American people. ”

According to the latest study, 70% of consumers – an increase of 4% compared to 2019 – agree that US car production has a huge impact on the domestic economy, so this is a factor. Significant influence on their car purchase decision. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed American people’s mind about using domestic goods, with nearly 40% of consumers affirming their choice to buy locally-made cars due to the crisis. economy and health today. While only 4% of people surveyed are still considering this. Besides, a large percentage of consumers (26%) said that buying an American-made car is an act of patriotism, an increase of 8% compared to 2019.

In the context of the economy being interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, changed the method of rating and expanding the ranking list, including all standard models made in the US, to Meeting the growing demand of domestic cars.

“The expansion of measurement criteria The” American Quality “index requires significant changes in the evaluation method. However, the results met the long-term desire of consumers – a more comprehensive and comprehensive ranking, ”Mr. Mays said. Revived in the US market in 2019, the Ford Ranger made in Michigan won the championship – the most “American” vehicle in 2020. Besides Ford Ranger, 07 other Ford models of the Expedition, Mustang , Explorer, F-140, Escape lines… also made the list. Last year, Ford assembled more than 2.1 million vehicles in the US, more than 492,000 vehicles compared to other brands. As a result, the number of factory hourly workers reaches 56,000 out of 85,000 Americans working at Ford.

Evaluation methods’s “American Quality” index ranks models based on five criteria: assembly location, origin of parts specified under the US Trademark Act, job opportunities at factory, the origin of the engine and the drive system.

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