Dog’s health, all year round

The health of animals is of utmost importance to their owners. A dog is a loyal and loving animal that accompanies you.

A mutual health insurance for dogs is a guarantee of care for your favorite animal. With an animal health insurance, you are guaranteed to be able to take him to a veterinarian in the event of an accident, surgery or a simple consultation.

Compare the mutuals and do your math. The method is simple: How much do you spend on your pet per year and compare this amount to that of a dog mutual adapted to your needs. You will quickly see the interest of this type of specialized insurance for animals!

Mutual health insurance for your dog

  • Day-to-day care can be covered according to the chosen formula
  • Your mind is at ease at all times
  • Your dog is protected and cared for by a veterinarian
  • Your personal care contributes to the good health of your dog
  • No reimbursement by an organization other than the dog mutual

The different regular care that you need to bring to a dog

Routine canine care is one that you need to provide on a regular basis. Your dog is a member of your family who will accompany you for many years, in your sorrows, as in your joys. It is therefore necessary to take care of it and protect it effectively.

This may be :

  • dog dewormer: in a pipette or tablet, these drugs protect your dog from intestinal parasites.
  • the size of the claws: animals do not always have the possibility of removing their claws on concrete, especially when
  • antihistamines: some dogs have allergies that must be treated promptly to relieve symptoms.
  • an anti-flea: at regular intervals, you must protect your dog from parasites such as fleas or ticks. In a pipette or tablet, it must be renewed every 4 to 5 weeks, especially if your dog has access to a garden.
  • etc.

You probably have other treatments in mind that come to mind, through your experience and your daily life.

We know that it generally takes 700 to 3000 euros (or more depending on the veterinary clinics, and the pathology of your animal) for hospitalization and routine care (antibiotics, monitoring, intervention, etc.), in addition to costs. currents.

Owner’s care for a happy dog

Apart from routine and preventive care for an animal, what it needs above all is the attention and love of its owner. The dog is a loyal, loving and cuddly animal.

Protecting him with dog insurance is good, but let’s not forget the basics! The dog likes:

  • caresses and cuddles: by caressing a puppy once a day since birth, you will make him a soft and affectionate animal.
  • walks: the great outdoors is good for everyone, including animals. In addition to fresh air, exercise is essential for their good health. 30 minutes a day is enough for him to be happy.
  • accessories: to sleep and have fun, he needs a basket, a cushion, toys, a place of his own so that he can rest when he needs it.
  • a social life: meeting other dogs can have a positive impact on your dog’s mood and health. Just make sure the meeting goes well.
  • a routine: the dog needs a safe routine to be happy. Offer him a simple routine: walk at a fixed time, regular meal, healthy living environment … everyday life becomes pleasant and gentle for your dog.
  • novelty: it may seem contradictory, but routine is also discovery. Your dog has a territory and you should invite him to explore new scent areas so that he can flourish with you.
  • time: your canine needs your time to feel good. This variable is all the more important if you have several dogs. It is proven that a dog can fall into depression if left untreated.

Have you protected your animal?

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Animal insurance in figures

– + 72% for veterinary expenses in 10 years

– 211 euros in veterinary fees per year for a dog and 166 euros for a cat

– 7% of dog owners have taken out insurance against 3% for cats

– the average monthly budget for insuring a dog is 30 euros and 21 euros for a cat

Practical guide to animal insurance

A dog is not a burden, it is a living being that you must protect with a mutual insurance for dogs, but also with your love and a simple routine adapted to the animal.

Why protect your dog with an animal health insurance?

Complement your caring master care with dog health insurance. This is a great way to fully protect your canine. You have a free spirit in the event of a visit to the veterinarian as to the bill to be paid. Dog insurance is security for you.

Animal insurance contracts are designed for the reimbursement of current expenses (and preventive, depending on the formula chosen) related to the care of your pet. A veterinary intervention can be very expensive and can even lead you to extreme decisions due to lack of means.

A mutual health insurance for animals allows you to meet the expenses for your dog. Your four-legged companion is a full member of your family, which can be protected in the same way.