American Dinosaurs” Cadillac Escalade 2021 – Leading the segment

Since its debut in 1999, Cadillac Escalade has always been rated as the defining vehicle for luxury in the car industry. Although the first generation seemed to be a bit inferior to rival GMC Yukon, Cadillac quickly upgraded the Escalade to become the leading vehicle of the large luxury SUV segment.

Unlike many other SUVs in its segment, the Cadillac Escalade has kept the body-on-frame structure since its inception. The new 2021 version is a huge leap for Cadillac Escalade.

The Cadillac Escalade 2021 has been completely redesigned with bold details from the inside out. However, the new interior compartment is where it becomes particularly interesting with novel design styles and features equipped with high technology and modern. This is the first time that the interior of the Cadillac Escalade becomes completely different and outperforms rivals such as Chevrolet Tahoe as well as GMC Yukon. Cadillac understands that it has to make the fifth generation of the Escalade line stand out in the segment by investing in new technology, upgrading and improving more, increasing interior space and luggage space. .

Exterior looks daring

Cadillac understands that they should not get too involved in the exterior design of the Escalade 2021. Despite using the all-new platform, Cadillac Escalade 2021 certainly cannot be confused with any other SUV. . The 5th generation Escalade still maintains a large, massive design with square, rugged and energetic details.

Outstanding at the front of the car is still a large grille with a typical trapezoidal shape, connected by a sleek and sturdy horizontal headlight cluster. The Escalade 2021 is equipped with a vertical positioning LED – a unique design element from Cadillac. At the rear of the car is a vertical set of sharpened taillights that become thinner and more refined. All versions use standard 22-inch wheels, making the Cadillac Escalade 2021 look strong and imposing.

For the first time ever, Escalade will offer customers a choice of a striking Sport variant with a black grille and glossy black details on the body, giving a more bunker and muscular feel. . Meanwhile, the Luxury and Premium Luxury variants will add Balvano accents on the body. The most advanced variant is the Cadillac Escalade 2021 Platinum with exterior trim – unique and premium interior.

The most impressive interior compartment

Instead of the usual rectangular design, the Escalade 2021 is equipped with a curved and “paper-thin” OLED screen. Overall, the overall design of the cabin of Cadillac Escalade 2021 brings a very unique feeling and personality, comes with a series of technologies and many details are crafted.

Prominent in the cockpit is the 38-inch curved OLED screen system that has double the pixel density of a 4K TV today. Technology is committed to giving users the sharpest and most realistic images with the widest color range. The system consists of three main screens: a 7.2-inch touch screen is located to the left of the driver; a 14.2-inch screen behind the steering wheel, showing the vehicle’s full operating parameters like a regular dashboard; a 16.9-inch screen in the center, acting as an infotainment screen.

Not stopping there, Cadillac adds a technology first used in the car industry: AKG audio systems. The standard AKG audio system includes 19 speakers and an extra large subwoofer powered by a 14-channel amplifier. Meanwhile, the more advanced AKG audio system option on the Cadillac Escalade 2021 includes 36 speakers powered by three amplifiers with 28 channels. In addition, this high-end AKG sound system is also integrated with Studio 3D Surround technology, which allows adjusting the volume settings independently in both front and rear seats.